Charity – Do good!

We believe that, as a company, we have the responsibility to use our influence and power for a positive change to the matters which are close to our hearts, therefore we focus our social activities and projects onto the following areas:

• Nutrition & Hunger     • Education     • Woman empowerment


Health – Feel Good!

We believe in nourishing your body and soul, therefore all our products are:

• handcrafted, made by real people with great love !

• free from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and all the other nasty ingredients you anyway never ordered

• preferred organic, or locally sourced

• marked with Icons nutrition symbols ( such as gluten-free, high in protein, low in fat, sugar-free, etc.)



Fair Trade – Source Good!

We believe in sourcing our products socially and environmentally responsible! Therefore we work continuously on:

• establishing direct relationships with our farmers and pay a ‘fair’ price

• sourcing and supporting organic farming

• producing with zero carbon foot print or to equal our negative impact out

enhancing the communities we are sourcing from

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