We believe in giving back and feeling enormous grateful to have been able to work with wonderful and inspiring great humans along the way, such as Kehkashan Basu, founder of ‘Green Hope’ and Youth Ambassador of the World Future Council.

Our Executive Chef Lara Allegra Lange and CEO & Founder Elena Weber during the Eid Handout at a labor camp 2015. 

With the Green Hope team at another activity during 2016

Panel discussion with our CEO & Founder Elena Weber at the World Environment Day 2016 organized by Green Hope  


About Green Hope:

‘We are a non-profit youth organization based in the UAE who support environmental causes. We raise awareness amongst all sections of civil society about sustainable development and green economy, thus obtaining The Future We Want.

Raise awareness about sustainable development especially amongst children and youth. Work to popularize the the concept of Education for Sustainable Development thus encouraging a shift from viewing education as a delivery mechanism to a lifelong holistic and inclusive learning process.’


Much Love, Your Icons Family 

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